Dr Cupid's Couples Trail

Want to rekindle your romance? See if she’s the one? Test if that bloke you’ve lived with 24/7 during lockdown knows anything about you?

Find out on this make-out or break-up trail! Couples in Houghton Hall Park are invited to take part in this romantic, funny and free event.

Visit each of the 10 romantic locations to scan the QR codes, take selfies and answer funny questions. Finally tally your results and decide your partner’s fate...

Start the trail by going to www.drcupidtrail.com and visiting any of the questions. As you stop at each question you’ll be able to answer with your partner and take special selfies.

To take part simply:

1. Visit the website to see the trail map

2. Visit each of the questions and see the funny cartoons

3. Scan their QR codes with your smartphone to see the questions and take your ‘scene selfie’.

4. When you’ve visited them all, tally your results and decide your partner’s fate!