Barn Owl Pellet Workshop

What is an owl pellet? Many kinds of birds produce pellets including birds of prey, crows and even sparrows. Pellets consist of the indigestible parts of a bird’s food, which are regurgitated (brought up through the beak). The diet of most wild Barn Owls consists mainly of small mammals such as voles, shrews and mice. Other less common items include rats, birds and frogs. Barn Owl pellets are made up of fur and bones of small mammals which the owl usually swallows whole.

In our fascinating workshop you will be given an owl pellet from the Barn Owl Trust, tweezers, gloves, a magnifying glass and an identification sheet, you will dissect your pellet with the help of our Community Park Ranger and volunteers and try to work out what the owl has eaten, you will then record your findings on an owl record sheet.

£6.50 per person.

Sessions at 10.30am and 11.30am.

These workshops are suitable for adults, young people and children aged 5+, all children must be accompanied by an adult.​