Willow Bird Feeder Workshop

Have you got birds in your garden? Do they seem to be hungry and not able to get food? You want to help? Why not come along to Houghton Hall Park's willow bird feeder workshop run by our Community Park Ranger Eleanor. Learn how to weave your very own bird feeder and then stuff it with food that the birds will love!

This event is for children aged 7* and over (due to the dexterity needed to be able to bend and weave the willow. Younger children are welcome but will need a lot of help from a grownup.)

Please let us know if you have any nut allergies as we will be using a variety of seeds and nuts to stuff the feeders. (We can make adjustments we just need to know!)

* Children will need help and must be accompanied by an adult

Tickets are non refundable unless we cancel the event.

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